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 Tong Jiancong

 Ph.D. Candidate            

Contact me
Email:lingfenghx at gmail dot com

Room 301, Eastern Zone
Boling Building
College of Computer and Control Enginerring
Nankai University
94 Weijing Road, Tianjin, China

** I will be on the job market soon. I'm interested in any academic or industrial positions related to web search and information retrieval. You can find more about me here: CV (outdated).

Research Interests

     My mainly research interests focus on boosting the performance of information retrieval systems (i.e., web search engine). Particularly, most of my research projects are committed to improving the efficiency of Caching (especially, on architecture aware data intensive system) and Compression algorithms for text search. Besides, I am also involved in some projects that deal with string algorithms as well as GPU computing.                


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science, Nankai University, 2011.09-Present (expected 2015.06).

  • Visiting Student, Computer Science, The University of Melbourne, 2013.09-2014.09.

  • M.S., Computer Science, Nankai University, 2009.09-2011.06.

  • B.S., Information Security, Nankai University, 2005.09-2009.06.


Refereed Conference Papers   

Refereed Journal Papers   


  •  On Improving and Adopting External-Dictionary-based Corpus Compression Algorithm


  •  SIGIR Student Travel Grant, ACM SIGIR, May 2014.             

  •  IBM Ph.D. Fellowship, February 2014.              

  •  Baidu Ph.D. Fellowship, August 2013.              

  •  Huawei Scholarship, December 2012.              

  •  Innovation Award for Excellent Intern, Baidu Inc, April 2012.             

  •  Graduate Academic Scholarship, Nankai University, 2009-2011.             

  •  Outstanding Undergraduate Award, Nankai University, 2008.             

  •  Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship, Nankai University, 2006-2008.             

Talks & Presentations


- Summer Intern in Web Search Group, Baidu Inc. (2011.07-2011.11)

  • Responsible for building a cache framework for posting lists:   

    • Analyze the characteristics of query term log in the real world web search engine.

    • Implement an efficient static cache framework which takes advantage of the observed characteristics.

    • Introduce a query term sampling mechanism which periodically provides feedback to the static cache module and helps the module to work efficiently.

    - Teaching Assistant in Nankai University

    • C++ Programming Language, Fall 2012

    • C++ Programming Language, Fall 2011

    • Data Structures, Spring 2010

    Other Information

A big fan of Foosball and Science Fictions.             

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